Hello! My name is Isabelle. I’m also called Lady Vivaldi. That’s my stage name to make Lady Gaga fans laugh and smile! Do you know who Vivaldi is? He’s a famous violinist who lived a long time ago. As you can see, I play the violin and I like to invent shows that turn the stage into a place full of magic...

Around violinist Lady Vivaldi (Isabelle Meyer) and invited artists, Art-en-Ciel presents classical music in a different way with multidisciplinary, fun and educational shows. Mixing hip-hop and classical music or magic and fantasy tales with virtuoso musicians, the shows The Carnival of the Animals, Dance with the Violin!, The Violin of the Opera and Babar & Ferdinand visit schools and offer a pedagogical programme validated by the DGEO (the compulsory school board of Canton Vaud), and consequently adapted to the educational objectives set for Western Switzerland.

Reservations by email.