An innovative, interactive and multigenerational cultural outreach project around the show Dance with the Violin! The first hip hop dance performance to include senior citizens, the concept brings Dance with the Violin! together with The Seniorales to take up the challenge of commingling today’s best hip hop artists with older generation dancers. Choreographed on classical music with integrated rap elements, Dance with the Violin! is presented in the context of the hip hop festival Au-delà des Préjugés, in partnership with Connaissance 3 — l’Université des Seniors. Through a series of preparatory workshops led by violinist Isabelle Meyer, choreographer Loïc Dinga and a certified rhythmic instructor, this pioneering project helps senior citizens maintain sensorimotor and socio-affective skills by engaging with younger generations in a common enterprise. Encouraging individual expression within a multigenerational group, the public performance of Dance with the Violin! on the Casino de Montbenon stage will be the culmination of a questioning attitude towards society’s vision of senior citizens. So, senior citizens, cultural actors?

AN ART-en-ciel production
Isabelle Meyer, violin and creator
Ensemble Art-en-Ciel
Loic Dinga, choreographer
Moa Bomolo
Calle Lundberg
Tristan Starowics
...and many more


Workshops (Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne):
25 January from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
26 January from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Show (Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne) :
27 January at 6:00 pm
Aperitif and social event after the show

Registration: 079 345 95 03
Participation fee: 80.–

With the support of the Leenards Foundation.
In partnership with Connaissance 3 and the Festival Au-delà des préjugés.

a short overview of the workshops

  • Discovering a part of the show
  • Psychomotor learning on dance rhythms
  • Working on sentiments in staged musical works
  • Practicing body language in relation to music
  • Learning choreographies (*)
  • Participating in various socio-affective exercises
  • A brief history of the violin and the origin of hip-hop and its different styles

(*) the choreographies are adapted to the physical condition of senior citizens