The Carnival of the Animals 2019–2020

Dear children, dear parents, the Zoological and Musicological Academic Society has invited us to present to you the Carnival of the Animals! “Professor Cherix, I presume?” “Lady Vivaldi, I suppose!” And the sun rises on the world of animals! Wild donkey hairs come together on the tip of Lady Vivaldi’s bow, hen eggs are used for playing paddleball on the back of the violin, the cello makes infrasonic rumbles that only the elephants can hear, the vegan piano shows its politically correct colours to the old ivory-keyed pianos, turning into a giant aquarium where multi-coloured fish swim and plastic bags float. Professor Cherix takes a walk through the animal world. He tells the legend of the hummingbird that, drop by drop, "does its bit" to put out a forest fire in the Amazon. He also talks about the intentional introduction of swans into our lakes to brighten up the lives of the citizens, swans that the City of Geneva used to offer to other cities as a friendly gesture. Lady Vivaldi describes how the families of instruments are like the families of animals, has fun with the tortoise and elephant dances, and encourages the children to draw imaginary triangles to beat the triple time of a waltz. Amongst laughter, surprises and enchantments, the Carnival of the Animals is an enjoyable and educational performance for the whole family to savour that celebrates the beauty of the animal and musical worlds through the exuberant antics of Lady Vivaldi and Professor Cherix.
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